Homework 9

CH. 9 DQ’s:
1. How are leaders in a non sport setting different from those in a sport setting? Are certain characteristics more important than others?

2. Which leadership approach is most effective, trait, behavioral situational or interactional and why?

3. How do leadership styles and approaches interact or merge together? Does the chosen approach decide the style? What’s the difference?

4. On many occasions I’ve heard the saying, “Born to be a leader,” but are leadership qualities really something you are born with or can they be learned?

Article DQ’s:
1. When teaching is it better to use short comments than long lectures as Coach Wooden most often did? If so why?

2. Coach Wooden used short comments and demonstrations to teach his players the right way to play the game, which is more affective for the athlete to grasp?

3. Coach Wooden mentions in an interview that each person learns differently and even knowing the material performed poorly on tests. How do you teach someone who knows the material, how to perform better on a test?

4. Why do some teachers forget what it means to be a teacher, acquire a different definition in their minds or like in the article they believe once at a higher level they shouldn’t teach, but students must just learn on their own?


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