Homework 5

CH 6 DQ’s:
1. Why is that athletes who received effort-oriented feedback performed better than those that received ability-oriented feedback?

2. What are some accepted forms of punishment as motivation for an athlete?

3. Why is it that getting paid  to work on an intrinsic interesting activity decreases intrinsic motivation for that particular activity?

4. What is cognitive evaluation theory and how is it applied?

Article DQ’s:
1. What is public posting by definition and example, and what makes it so affective?

2. Can you explain what a multiple baseline design is and why is it the best method of use for this study?

3. What is the purpose of an interobserver agreement (IOA) and when is it recommended to be used in a research study?

4. Why did the public posting of behaviors cause the tennis players to change their behaviors slightly, if not completely? Was it shame, humiliation, self-improvement or something else?


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