Homework 3

CH 4 Reading DQ’s:
1. In this chapter I read about stress and the different reasons we experience them, but what I want to know is if all stress is the same or are there different levels of stress?

2. Is social physique anxiety the reason that some athletes starve themselves and suffer from anorexia?

3. How is it that the combination of arousal and state anxiety can affect a person’s attention field in many ways and how is that possible?

4. In reading about how to recognize arousal and state anxiety signs there is a long list of symptoms, is it possible for these symptoms to exist without an increase in stress and anxiety? How accurate do these symptoms detect the increase?

Article DQ’s:
1. Can you elaborate and provide an example of self-presentation?

2. Since 1924 the home team has won the first, but lost the last in a World Series more often than losing the first and winning the last. What is the cause for this difference?

3. In this study it talks of one of two reasons why the home team losses, either they play poorly (choke) or the visiting team plays unusually well. How do you decide what the cause for the visiting team winning is? Aren’t both options in someway the same or co-related?

4. When NBA players miss a shot/free throw are they performing poorly on their own part or are they distracted by the audience making noise in order for them to miss?


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