Homework 1

CH 2 Reading DQ’s:
1. What are some examples of how the psychodynamic approach is used/applied in practice?

2. What is the difference between the interactional approach and the phenomenological approach?

3. Which measurement of personality is the most accurate (Trait & State Measures, Situation-Specific Measures and Sport-Specific Measures) and why?

4. How do Nature vs Nurture and Gravitation vs Change differ from one another?

Article DQ’s:
1. Can you elaborate more on the TOPS measurement? How was the measurement performed, types of questions and the accuracy of the test?

2. Investigators concluded that no child succeeds unless he or she is supported by caring adults. What about those that had faced more negativity than positive reinforcement, but were able to use the negativity to fuel them to success? Is the support of one adult enough to succeed?

3. This study labels sports adversity to being a reinforcement for improvement and sportsmanship, but can’t it also affect the athlete in a negative form?

4. What would be the best way to increase the number of athletes surveyed and interviewed without extremely increasing the time needed to perform such research and keep its validity? Is there a better way to replicate this research?


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